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Suters window displays of Supercar and Stingray

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It has been documented over the years during the production of the Supermarionation series, that Derek Meddings and Bob Bell would visit various shops like Woolworths to buy model kits, odd shaped Tupperware and any other household objects to turn into rockets and missile bases.

Not documented before has been a department store in Slough called Suters.

Suters, a family run business, was a big department store in the heart of Slough High Street from 1925-1978.  As it turns out, Bob Bell used to frequent Suters quite often and knew Dick Suter, who would assist him with buying a lot of model kits in bulk, such as Faller and Airfix.

This friendly business transaction between APF and Suters led to an astonishing display of the original Supercar and Stingray puppets in the store windows.  If you lived in Slough in 1962 & 1965, you could see the full cast of puppets and vehicles on display, advertising the series toys and games as you entered the store.

Philip Suter, the younger brother of Dick, took his camera along when he was eleven years old and took photos of the window displays.  Luckily for us, he still has the original transparencies in which these images come from.

For more information and history about Suters in Slough, you can visit www.philipsuter.co.uk

With thanks to Philip Suter for his kind loan of the original slides.

Do you have or know anyone who owns any original historic photos of Anderson related displays? If so, please drop us a line and let us know.


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