Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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Fireball XL5FunNews

The enduring nostalgia of Fireball XL5

When Fireball XL5 first aired in 1962 it was the biggest and most imaginative television series yet produced by AP Films, who had...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson vehicle battles

Most of the classic Gerry Anderson series are well known for their use of breathtaking model effects sequences, and one storytelling field in...

FunLost WorldsNewsSpace: 1999

Space:1999 – the ‘original’ Breakaway and Black Sun!

The first episode of Space:1999, Breakaway, entered production in November 1973. While the episode was scheduled to be shot within ten days filming...


Top 5 Stingray guest villains

The Stingray crew faced many foes across their 39 television adventures. Chief among these was of course the despotic Titan, leader of the...


Our Guide to Discovering (and loving) Gerry Anderson’s Terrahawks

With the recent news that a Terrahawks reboot is in the works, lots of you have been searching to find out more about...

Captain ScarletFunMerch NewsNewsSpace: 1999Terrahawks

The Worlds of Gerry Anderson Audio Productions

With Space:1999 recently joining the ranks of Gerry Anderson shows now available as full-cast audio dramas from Big Finish Productions, we thought it...

FunNewsSpace: 1999

The Metamorphosis of Space:1999 – from season 1 to season 2

Doctor Who fans can argue for hours over who was the best Doctor. James Bond aficionados have similar debates over the best 007....

FunLost WorldsNewsSpace: 1999UFO

UFO 2 1999 – how it happened

During his association with Lew Grade and ITC, Gerry Anderson’s productions followed a regular pattern of production; most ran for only one season,...

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Super Space Theatre – The Gerry Anderson compilation movies

If you were a Gerry Anderson fan growing up in the 1980s or 1990s then chances are you were familiar with a range...

Fireball XL5FunNewsSpace PrecinctSpace: 1999TerrahawksUFO

Top 5 Gerry Anderson time travel episodes!

Surprisingly for a body of work of more than five hundred television episodes, a substantial chunk of which dealt with science fiction concepts,...

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