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Joe 90 and Kate Kestrel up for auction!

May 27th 2021 saw more Anderson-related items going under the hammer at the Ewbanks auction house in Surrey, as part of their latest...


Gerry Anderson Day – everything that’s going on!

This Wednesday, April 14th, is the first International Gerry Anderson Day, celebrating the life and work of legendary TV and film producer Gerry...


Gerry Anderson Day marathon on Shout Factory TV!

Shout! Factory TV presents a Gerry Anderson Day 24-hour feast of his greatest shows! The 14th of April is Gerry Anderson Day, a...


Big Finish Terrahawks listening party for Gerry Anderson Day!

To celebrate Gerry Anderson Day, Big Finish is hosting a Terrahawks social media listening party! On Wednesday 14 April at precisely 8pm (UK time), this...


‘Gerry Anderson’s Night In’ streaming watchalong!

Network Distributing and Anderson Entertainment present a feast of Gerry Anderson classics in a streaming ‘watchalong’ from 7pm on the very first Gerry Anderson...

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Heads under the hammer!

Last week saw several items of interest to Anderson fans go under the hammer at the Ewbanks auction house, who had previously played...

Gerry Anderson Day logo featuring silhouettes of famous Gerry Anderson vehicles and icons in the shape of the letter A

First International Gerry Anderson Day Announced!

Online events, special product releases and content, appearances by celebrity fans, and much, much more planned for 14th of April celebration of Thunderbirds...

Thunderbirds Tracy Island Make Competition

Thunderbirds Tracy Island Make Competition Judging Delayed

Anderson Entertainment’s Thunderbirds ‘Tracy Island Make’ competition proved more popular than any of us could have imagined! With nearly 200 entries, the members...

Thunderbirds Tracy Island Make Competition

Anderson Entertainment launches Thunderbirds Tracy Island Make Competition

Anderson Entertainment is launching a Thunderbirds ‘Tracy Island Make’ competition to give fans young and old the opportunity to create something F.A.B during...


Gerry Anderson Wolverhampton Exhibition

Gerry Anderson Wolverhampton Exhibition A new exhibition dedicated to Gerry Anderson has opened in Wolverhampton Central Library. The exhibition commenced on Monday and...

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