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Gerry Anderson bust
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Limited Edition Gerry Anderson Bust Revealed!

Gerry Anderson Bust by Antony Halls Available to Pre-order We’re very happy to announce that this very special Gerry Anderson bust is now...

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Matchbox Memories – Thunderbirds, Stingray and more!

Most Gerry Anderson fans own at least one or two models, be they characters or vehicles. These products have come in many shapes...

David Graham narrates Captain Scarlet Spectrum Files
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David Graham to Narrate Captain Scarlet Spectrum Files

Announcing the narrator of the Captain Scarlet Spectrum Files – David Graham! The upcoming Captain Scarlet Spectrum Files will have one of the...

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Captain Scarlet News Bonanza!

Captain Scarlet News Bonanza! It’s a thrilling time to be a fan of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, with plenty to get excited...

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Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons – The Spectrum Files

With the 50th anniversary of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967) approaching, we look behind the scenes of the recording of The Spectrum...

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SIG for the Official Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary Poster

The official Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary poster is now available from the Gerry Anderson Store. The A1 poster was designed by Eric Chu...

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Gerry Anderson Store Summer Sale – This Weekend Only!

This weekend only you can save 50% on a range of our best-selling items at the Gerry Anderson Store! The sale ends at 23:59...

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Thunderbirds Challenge Coins!

New to the Gerry Anderson Store is this wonderful collection of Thunderbirds Challenge Coins from the company Gaming Awards. Having previously worked with...

New Captain Scarlet Blu-ray cover
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New Captain Scarlet Blu-Ray Cover Released

Network Distributing have today released the cover of the upcoming release of the New Captain Scarlet blu-ray. New Captain Scarlet, originally produced in...

Gerry anderson store warehouse is a bit like the TB2 hangar
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The Gerry Anderson Store’s New Warehouse is Go!

We’re very excited to have recently moved the Gerry Anderson Store to a brand new warehouse in Northampton. After three fantastic years in...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection