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Captain Scarlet Retaliation

Captain Scarlet Retaliation The title Captain Scarlet Retaliation may not be instantly recognizable to fans of Spectrum’s finest officer, but it was the name...

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Matchbox Memories – Thunderbirds, Stingray and more!

Most Gerry Anderson fans own at least one or two models, be they characters or vehicles. These products have come in many shapes...

Terry and Shane, Back for the new Dick Spanner Animatic.

Shane Rimmer returns in New Dick Spanner animatic!

The Case Of The Awesome Dick Spanner Animated Animatic Terry Adlam gives us the inside scoop on the new Dick Spanner animatic! When...


Thunderbirds Video Games Roundup!

Thunderbirds Video Games Roundup! Prepare to plug in your controllers and boot up your consoles as Ian Coomber guides us through some of...


A Beginner’s Guide To Doppelgänger

Ian Coomber gives us his thoughts on the 1969 film Doppelgänger aka Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun. We hope both of you are sitting...

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Anderson Fans: The Next Generation

Steven Walton shares his perspective on Gerry Anderson fans during the remarkable revival in the 1990s, and explains why he thinks the series’...

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Written By Shane Rimmer!

Article by Ian Coomber Shane Rimmer With roles in films as varied as Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi to Ant & Dec’s Alien Autopsy, there...


From Space: 1999 to NASA!

Troy D. Cline is the Director of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) innovation lab at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. A long...


Inspired by Thunderbirds: Halley VI Antarctic Research Station

By Hugh Broughton Halley VI is a space-age research station used by scientists to predict changes in global weather patterns. It is the...


Exclusive Interview: Ed Straker Speaks!

Dateline: September 15th, 1980 Ed Straker is the head of one of the UK’s biggest independent studios, Harlington-Straker Studios. Whereas most movie makers...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection