2018 New Blades Gerry Anderson Film Miniature Award…

Gerry Anderson Film Miniature award new blades 2018

…goes to Felix Burke! Congratulations to our Gerry Anderson Film Miniature award winner for this year!

Mark Woollard (Terrahawks, Dick Spanner, Space Police, Space Precinct, New Captain Scarlet) and Jamie Anderson attended the New Blades 2018 show to pick the winner of the Gerry Anderson Film Miniature award.

New Blades is a showcase of 107 graduates from 7 Universities & Colleges exhibiting an extraordinary range of models from a spectrum of 3D design disciplines.

It was really tough for Mark and Jamie to pick a winner, but Felix’s work really stood out – showing an eye for design, detail, and creativity.

We were also very pleased to learn that Felix went on to win the ‘Best of Show’ award, voted for by visiting professionals, which saw a record number of votes cast this year.

We’d like to offer our congratulations to all of the New Blades 2018 graduates, who put on a stunning show.

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