Thunderbirds Thursday: Stand By For Action! 2: Tunes of Danger Available to Pre-order on DVD/Blu-ray/CD

Relive the supersonic symphonies of Thunderbirds performed live as part of this year’s Gerry Anderson concert; Stand By For Action! 2: Tunes of...


Thunderbirds Thursday: Barry Gray’s Supersonic Symphonies

Thunderbirds may be famed for its futuristic worldbuilding, thrilling rescue scenarios, advanced puppetry, and ground-breaking special effects, but the series’ soundtrack is another...

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Captain Scarlet’s Top 5 Heroic Moments

Happy Captain Scarlet Day, Anderfans! July 10th marks a significant date in the world of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Several classic episodes...


Stand By For Action! 2 – The Final Countdown!

There’s now less than a week to go for Stand By For Action! 2: Tunes of Danger! This Saturday (July 13th), we’ll be...

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Captain Scarlet Day T-Shirt Now Available!

Calling all Spectrum agents! Anderson Entertainment’s Captain Scarlet Day t-shirt is now available to order from the Official Gerry Anderson Store! This year’s...


Thunderbirds Thursday: Celebrating the Pod Vehicles

The five main Thunderbird vehicles of the International Rescue organisation can always be relied upon to save the day. With their compelling designs...

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Tomorrow’s News Today: Fireball XL5 in TV21

The daring excitement and cosmic adventures that the worlds of Gerry Anderson are celebrated for aren’t just confined to the TV screen. Many...

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Space: 1999 VIP Eagle Available to Pre-order!

Anderson Entertainment’s latest die-cast collectable model of a classic Gerry Anderson vehicle is readying on the launchpad for blast off! The VIP Eagle...


Thunderbirds Thursday: The “Lost” Super Space Theatre Compilations

Thunderbirds‘ received a generous burst of fresh publicity in the early 1980s when it and several other classic Gerry Anderson productions had several...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection