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About Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, often referred to solely as Captain Scarlet, is a 1960s science-fiction TV series produced by Gerry Anderson’s company – Century 21 Productions.

Captain Scarlet was first broadcast on ATV Midlands from September 1967 to May 1968, it has since been transmitted in more than 40 other countries, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. As in many other of Gerry Anderson’s most famous

As in many other of Gerry Anderson’s most famous television series, the characters are presented as marionette puppets alongside scale model sets and special effects in a filming technique that the Andersons termed “Supermarionation”.

Captain Scarlet with Captain Blue and Lieutenant Green


In 2068, the indestructible Captain Scarlet leads the agents of Spectrum in a war of nerves against the Mysterons from Mars.

Production Details

Century 21 Television/ITC – 1967
32 episodes x 25 mins

Key Crew

Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson
Producer: Reg Hill
Associate Producer: John Read
Director Supervising Series: Desmond Saunders
Directors: Desmond SaundersDavid LaneBrian BurgessRobert Lynn,
Alan PerryKen Turner & Leo Eaton
Characters Created by Sylvia Anderson
Lighting Cameraman: Julien LugrinPaddy Seale & Ted Catford
Supervising Art Director: Bob Bell
Art Director: Grenville Nott
Production Designer: Keith Wilson
Script Editor: Tony Barwick
Supervising Visual Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Visual Effects Directors: Shaun Whittacker-Cook & Jimmy Elliott
Music Composed and Directed by Barry Gray

Voice Cast

Francis Matthews, Sylvia Anderson, Martin King, Ed Bishop, Jeremy Wilkin, David Healy, Liz Morgan, Paul Maxwell, Shane Rimmer, Donald Gray, Gary Files, Neil McCallum, Cy Grant, Charles Tingwell, Janna Hill, Lian Shin

The Angels in Captain Scarlet Seek and Destroy


No. Title Directed by Written by Original Air Date Production No. Recommended Broadcast No.
1 “The Mysterons” Desmond Saunders Gerry & Sylvia Anderson 29 September 1967 1 1
When their city on Mars is attacked by human astronauts under the command of Spectrum’s Captain Black, the Mysterons vow to destroy all life on Earth. The aliens’ first objective is the assassination of the World President.
2 “Winged Assassin” David Lane Tony Barwick 6 October 1967 2 2
No longer under the Mysterons’ control, but retaining their power of “retro-metabolism”, Captain Scarlet joins Spectrum’s operation to protect the aliens’ next target – the Director General of the United Asian Republic.
3 “Big Ben Strikes Again” Brian Burgess Tony Barwick 13 October 1967 3 3
The Mysterons target London with a stolen nuclear reactor.
4 “Manhunt” Alan Perry Tony Barwick 20 October 1967 5 4
After Captain Black inadvertently exposes himself to radiation, thus making himself detectable on long-range Geiger counters, Spectrum mobilises its forces to apprehend the Mysterons’ primary agent.
5 “Avalanche” Brian Burgess Shane Rimmer 27 October 1967 11 11
The Mysterons launch a series of crippling attacks on the Frost Line Outer Space Defence System in Canada.
6 “White as Snow” Robert Lynn Peter Curran & David Williams 3 November 1967 8 8
The Mysterons threaten to assassinate the commander-in-chief of Spectrum, Colonel White.
7 “The Trap” Alan Perry Alan Pattillo 10 November 1967 17 13
The Mysterons threaten to assassinate the commanders of Earth’s armed forces.
8 “Operation Time” Ken Turner Richard Conway & Stephen J. Mattick 17 November 1967 6 6
The Mysterons cryptically threaten to “kill time” – which, as Spectrum discovers, is a reference to a prominent army general.
9 “Spectrum Strikes Back” Ken Turner Tony Barwick 24 November 1967 10 10
Following the events of “Operation Time”, Spectrum has created two anti-Mysteron devices, both of which are given an early field test when the secret conference hosting the unveiling is sabotaged.
10 “Special Assignment” Robert Lynn Tony Barwick 1 December 1967 20 14
The Mysterons vow to destroy the entire North American continent.
11 “The Heart of New York” Alan Perry Tony Barwick 8 December 1967 13 16
The Mysterons threaten to destroy the “heart” of New York City.
12 “Lunarville 7” Robert Lynn Tony Barwick 15 December 1967 16 15
The Lunar Controller declares the Moon neutral in the “war of nerves” between Earth and Mars. Dispatched to investigate suspicious activity on the satellite’s far side, Scarlet, Captain Blue and Lieutenant Green make a shocking discovery.
13 “Point 783” Robert Lynn Peter Curran & David Williams 22 December 1967 4 5
The Mysterons threaten to assassinate the Supreme Commander of Earth Forces.
14 “Model Spy” Ken Turner Bill Hedley 29 December 1967 18 18
A French intelligence chief, known publicly as a leading fashion designer, is targeted by Mysteron reconstructions of two of his models.
15 “Seek and Destroy” Alan Perry Peter Curran & David Williams 5 January 1968 9 9
The Mysterons threaten to kill one of Spectrum’s Angel pilots.
16 “Renegade Rocket” Brian Burgess Ralph Hart 19 January 1968 7 7
The Mysterons engineer the launch of an experimental variable geometry rocket.
17 “Crater 101” Ken Turner Tony Barwick 26 January 1968 22 21
Following the events of “Lunarville 7”, Scarlet, Blue and Green return to the Moon to destroy the Mysteron’s newly completed base in the Humboldt Sea.
18 “Shadow of Fear” Robert Lynn Tony Barwick 2 February 1968 12 12
With the help of an observatory in the Himalayas, Spectrum lands a probe on the Martian moon Phobos to perform detailed orbital reconnaissance of the red planet.
19 “Dangerous Rendezvous” Brian Burgess Tony Barwick 9 February 1968 19 22
Following the events of “Crater 101”, the Mysterons threaten to destroy Cloudbase. Exploiting the unique properties of the crystal pulsator recovered from the Mysterons’ lunar complex, Spectrum contacts the aliens directly in an attempt to make peace.
20 “Fire at Rig 15” Ken Turner Bryan Cooper 16 February 1968 14 19
The Mysterons target the oil refinery that supplies fuel for all of Spectrum’s vehicles.
21 “Treble Cross” Alan Perry Tony Barwick 23 February 1968 28 24
The Mysterons threaten to destroy the world capital, Futura City.
22 “Flight 104” Robert Lynn Tony Barwick 1 March 1968 24 26
The Mysterons vow to sabotage a Spectrum conference in Switzerland that will determine the manner of Earth’s return to Mars.
23 “Place of Angels” Leo Eaton Leo Eaton 8 March 1968 23 27
Threatening to destroy the “Place of the Angels”, the Mysterons engineer the theft of a lethal virus from a research centre.
24 “Noose of Ice” Ken Turner Tony Barwick 12 March 1968 27 23
The Mysterons target an Arctic mine that is extracting a metal to be used to construct a new Earth space fleet.
25 “Expo 2068” Leo Eaton Shane Rimmer 26 March 1968 29 28
The Mysterons threaten to obliterate the entire Atlantic Seaboard of North America.
26 “The Launching” Brian Burgess Peter Curran & David Williams 2 April 1968 15 29
When the Mysterons seemingly threaten the President of the United States with assassination, Spectrum implements maximum security measures around his residence. But as the Mysterons’ self-imposed deadline approaches, Scarlet realises that the organisation is protecting the wrong target.
27 “Codename Europa” Alan Perry David Lee 9 April 1968 25 30
A reconstructed electronics professor targets Europe’s three most powerful statesmen.
28 “Inferno” Alan Perry Tony Barwick & Shane Rimmer 16 April 1968 31 25
The Mysterons threaten to destroy an irrigation complex in South America.
29 “Traitor” Alan Perry Tony Barwick 23 April 1968 21 17
Scarlet and Blue investigate a series of Spectrum hovercraft crashes in the Australian Outback to expose a traitor in the organisation.
30 “Flight to Atlantica” Leo Eaton Tony Barwick 30 April 1968 26 20
After drinking drugged champagne, Captains Blue and Ochre launch a bombing campaign of the world’s most important naval complex, Atlantica.
31 “Attack on Cloudbase” Ken Turner Tony Barwick 7 May 1968 30 31
The Mysterons themselves arrive on Earth to destroy Cloudbase.
32 “The Inquisition” Ken Turner Tony Barwick 14 May 1968 32 32
Blue is drugged and wakes up three months later facing questioning from a man claiming to be from Spectrum Intelligence.


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