Space Precinct

In the year 2040, the human, creon and tarn officers of Precinct 88 keep law and order in Demeter City on the planet Altor.

Space Precinct – Gerry Anderson Productions/Mentorn Films/GTV – 1994/95
24 episodes x 45 mins

Executive Producer: Tom Gutteridge
Producer: Gerry Anderson
Co-Executive Producers: Roger Lefkon & John Needham
Line Producer: Tom Sachs
Associate Producers: Richard Grove & Jeffrey Brunner
Directors: Colin BuckseyJohn GlenSidney HayersAlan Birkinshaw,
Jim GoddardPeter Duffell, & Piers Haggard
Visual Effects Director: Steven Begg
Director of Photography: Alan Hume BSC & Tony Spratling BSC
Special Effects Photography: Harry Oakes BSC & Peter Talbot
Live-Action Design: Tony Curtis & Bill Alexander
Model Design: Bill Pearson
Creature Effects Design: Neill Gorton
Tarn & Creon Design: Richard Gregory
Executive Story Editor: Philip Morrow
Executive Story Consultant: Chris Hubbell
Story Editor: Sam Graham
Production Supervisor: Hugh Harlow
Post-Production Supervisor: Mark Sherwood
Music: Crispin Merrell

Ted Shackelford, Megan Olive, Rob Thirtle, Kate Harper, Rob Youngblood, Lou Hirsch, Leigh Tinkler
Will Barton, Simone Bendix, Richard James, Andrew Dawson, Ken Whitfield, Nancy Paul, Mary Woodvine, Alexa Rosewood, Gary Martin, Jerome Willis, David Quilter, Joanna Berns, Kieron Jecchinis, Nic Klein, Joseph Mydell, Wayne Forrester, Colette Hiller

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