Joe 90

Joe 90

The brain patterns of top experts are transferred to nine-year-old Joe McClaine (Joe 90), enabling him to become the most special agent of W.I.N.

Century 21 Television/ITC – 1967/68
30 episodes x 25 mins

Executive Producer: Reg Hill
Producer: David Lane
Production Controller: Desmond Saunders
Directors: Desmond SaundersAlan PerryLeo Eaton Ken Turner,
Peter Anderson & Brian Heard
Characters Created by Sylvia Anderson
Lighting Cameraman: Julien Lugrin & Paddy Seale
Supervising Art Director: Bob Bell
Art Directors: Grenville Nott & Keith Wilson
Script Editor: Tony Barwick
Supervising Visual Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Senior Visual Effects Director: Jimmy Elliott
Visual Effects Directors: Jimmy ElliottShaun Whittacker-Cook & Bill Camp
Music Composed and Directed by Barry Gray
Voice Cast:
Rupert Davies, Sylvia Anderson, Shane Rimmer, Keith Alexander,  Gary Files, Liz Morgan, David Healy, Martin King, Len Jones, Jeremy Wilkin


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