This week in Gerry Anderson News
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This week in Gerry Anderson news!

Here is the latest Gerry Anderson news roundup; if you do not read it, you are the big toe of a camel’s left...

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Pilots in Parallel: Fireball XL5 v Stingray

Gerry Anderson programmes often feature similar premises, vehicles, characters and wider thematic ideas at work. Quite often, it falls to each series’ pilot...

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This week in Gerry Anderson news!

News roundup to Main Mission, we have ignition – and liftoff! This week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast launched on Sunday evening,...


5 Reasons to Get Excited for Stand By For Action! 2: Tunes of Danger

There’s now less than a month to go for Stand By For Action! 2: Tunes of Danger! This spectacular one-off concert will bring...


Tomorrow’s News Today: Stingray in TV21

The daring excitement and cosmic adventures that the worlds of Gerry Anderson are celebrated for aren’t just confined to the TV screen. Many...

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This week in Gerry Anderson news!

This is Assembly Control calling all Anderson fan units – news roundup, phase 1, go! This week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast...

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Know Your Anderson Acronyms, Part 2

Anderson acronyms are go, once again! Following on from our previous explanatory guide of all the various acronyms utilised throughout the worlds of...

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This week in Gerry Anderson news!

Attention all Anderfans! I, your Mighty Leader, summon the Gerry Anderson news roundup to advise you! This week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson...


Comic Writers & Artists Revealed for Stingray: Deadly Uprising

Stand by for comic anthologies! As Stingray: Deadly Uprising draws nearer to its first instalment with Deadly Concerto this July, we can now...


Replica Stingray Sidearm Coming Soon!

Arm yourselves, WASP agents! The Stingray Sidearm is coming soon from Anderson Entertainment! This gorgeously designed and faithfully produced replica weapon is based...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection