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Unfilmed scripts & failed pilots – the lost worlds of Gerry Anderson!

Between 1957’s The Adventures of Twizzle and 2005’s New Captain Scarlet Gerry Anderson produced 18 television shows, all of which still enjoy varying...

This week in Gerry Anderson News
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This week in Gerry Anderson news! (February 18th 2023)

It’s been another busy week in our corner of the Anderson universe – here’s all the things you need to know! This week’s...

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INTERVIEW: author Richard James on Five Star Five – The Doomsday Device

The Doomsday Device, the second Five Star Five novel, is now available to pre-order from the Official Gerry Anderson Store! Picking where the...

This week in Gerry Anderson News
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This week in Gerry Anderson news! (February 4th 2023)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson news roundup! This week blasted off as usual with the latest episode of the...

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Fireball XL5: Shooting Star! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

Continued From Previous Report The preparations for the contest were attended to swiftly. The crew of XL5 were unshackled and led at gunpoint...

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Fireball XL5 – The Steve Zodiac Diaries

The Fireball XL5 episode Drama at Space City opens with a short section of clips from previous episodes The Doomed Planet and The...

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Fireball XL5: Zodiac On Trial! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

What started as a peaceful mission of exploration quickly became a nightmare fight for survival. Steve Zodiac stared around the huge chamber deep...

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Gerry Anderson on the BBC (part 2) – 1995 to 1997

Continued from Part 1… 1995 Continuing with weekday morning broadcasts, Joe 90 concluded its first run on BBC 1 with The Birthday on...

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Fireball XL5: A Giant Leap! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

Natural phenomena do not think or feel or act with hostile intent, but that doesn’t make some of them any less deadly. “Matt!...

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Fireball XL5 now available on Blu-ray!

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s much-loved Supermarionation series has been remastered in High Definition from original 35mm film elements for this special edition Blu-ray...

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