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Fireball XL5 now available on Blu-ray!

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s much-loved Supermarionation series has been remastered in High Definition from original 35mm film elements for this special edition Blu-ray...

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Movie stars in miniature: celebrity influences on Supermarionation

Between 1957’s The Adventures of Twizzle and 1969’s The Secret Service, the puppets used in the television shows and films produced by A....

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Star Maidens – Space:1999’s low budget cousin?

A breakaway planet approaching Earth’s solar system, beginning a sequence of events that will see human scientists visiting an alien world? It may...

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Pod 164: Five Star Five – John Lovell and the Zargon Threat

The peaceful planet of Kestra is threatened by the warlike Zargon people. A base has been established on an impenetrable asteroid, but the...

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Top five Fireball XL5 guest villains

Across thirty-nine episodes, the crew of Fireball XL5 faced a variety of dangerous adversaries as they patrolled Sector 25. In addition to the...

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Five Star Five is now available to download from Big Finish!

The Gerry Anderson movie that never was finally comes to life this summer, as Five Star Five is now available from Anderson Entertainment....

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5 Star 5 novelisation – Interview with author Richard James

With the exciting news that Gerry Anderson and Tony Barwick’s long-forgotten 1970s space fantasy movie script Five Star Five is getting a new...

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5 Star 5 – John Lovell and the Zargon Threat!

Soon after production concluded on Space:1999‘s second season, Gerry Anderson and Tony Barwick collaborated on a screenplay for a sci-fi fantasy feature film...

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FAB Facts: The Fireball XL5 reference hidden in Star Trek?

This week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast features a fascinating FAB Fact – but can you take it, Captain? Could the original...

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