A Boxing Day message from Jamie Anderson!

Dear Anderfans worldwide, As I sit here reflecting on the 11th anniversary of my dad Gerry Anderson’s passing, I am filled with immense...


Merry Christmas from Jamie Anderson!

Dear Anderfans Worldwide, As the festive season approaches, I wanted to write to you on behalf of all of us at Anderson Entertainment...

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5 fan highlights you might have missed in 2023!

With the end of 2023 approaching fast, we’re feeling nostalgic for everything that’s happened in our corner of the Anderson universe this year...


6 times Stingray’s crazy UK broadcast order made no sense – and 1 time it accidentally did!

As we’ve discussed previously, many of the classic Anderson shows were first broadcast in an order that was wildly different from that in...


International Rescue Corps dissolved after more 40 years service

We regret to announce that the International Rescue Corps, a volunteer disaster aid organisation, has been dissolved after more than forty years, just...

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Here’s what’s coming up in December!

The end of the year is approaching fast – but Anderson Entertainment and the Official Gerry Anderson Store are aiming to make this...

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Doctor Who 60th Anniversary 5 Crazy Gerry Anderson Connections You Never Knew!

Doctor Who celebrates its 60th anniversary today, and we know that many Anderson fans – ourselves included – are also fans of the...

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Here’s what’s coming up in November!

So November is now upon us and Anderson Entertainment have some treats in store for you this month – starting with an event!...

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Expect the Indestructible: The Top 3 Connections Between Captain Scarlet and Terrahawks

All of the television shows and movies that bear the name ‘Gerry Anderson’ share some common DNA. After all, Gerry was involved in...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection