5 classic Thunderbird 2 merchandise lines!

With Father’s Day approaching fast, we have a new Thunderbird 2 item lifting off from the Official Gerry Anderson Store today to celebrate the occasion! But before we get to that, we’d like to take a look at some Thunderbird 2 merchandise of the past – the good, the classic, and the weird!

Dinky Thunderbird 2 (and 4)

Although Thunderbird 2 has been realised in miniature form by several toy companies over the decades – including Matchbox, Vivid Imaginations and Corgi just to name a few – we suspect a lot of our readers will be most familiar with the one produced by Dinky Toys back in in the 1960s. Perhaps the closest any Gerry Anderson toy had come to resembling its screen counterpart up to that point, this toy featured pop-down legs and a detachable central pod which opened to reveal (an often easily-lost) Thunderbird 4 inside. This Dinky became one of the most iconic Anderson toys of all time, so much so that it was still being produced well into the next decade (sometimes appearing in a shade of metallic blue rather than its traditional green) and firmly established a successful blueprint for many future Thunderbird 2 toys.

Thunderbird 2 playsets

Those wanting to carry out rescue missions on a larger scale could seek out bigger Thunderbird 2 electronic playsets from both Matchbox in 1992 and Vivid in the early 2000s, with the former designed to hold two of their Thunderbirds action figures (albeit both of which had to be lying down to fit inside the cockpit, and therefore didn’t fit in Thunderbird 4 at all).

Those seeking more correctly proportioned adventure could pick up Vivid’s later range of oversized Thunderbirds vehicles from the early 2000s, featuring miniature figures of the Tracy brothers and other characters able to sit in slightly more detailed vehicle interiors. As well as the iconic Thunderbird 2, Vivid also produced Thunderbirds 1 and 3 plus an assortment of pod vehicles and guest craft (even an alligator!) in the ‘miniature figure’ style – giving this Thunderbird 2 even more play value!

Thunderbird 2 alarm clock

Need help starting your day off on a suitably heroic note? This Thunderbirds alarm clock, released by Wesco in 1992 and featuring Thunderbird 2 on her launch ramp, certainly offered fans a noisy wakeup call! While not featuring any original dialogue, sound effects or music from the show, the clock offered a passable impression of Jeff Tracy’s famous countdown – as well as lift-off sound effects that played whenever Thunderbird 2 was removed from the ramp. Since this was a relatively impressive recreation of International Rescue’s heavy transporter for the price point, it’s fair to assume that many kids enjoyed this item in both alarm clock and toy mode!

Thunderbird 2 torch

As the most popular International Rescue vehicle, Thunderbird 2 has seen a lot of bizarre reincarnations in toy form over the decades, from friction drive versions to push-out cardboard versions, and even more than once as a flip top watch! One of the strangest Thunderbird 2 items has to be the version released by DekkerToys in 1999, which was a battery-operated flashlight ideal for night-time rescue operations! Good luck finding that one in a power cut…

Thunderbird 2 partwork build

Japan has brought us many incredible Thunderbirds items over the decades (including the various model kits of Imai, Aoshima and others), but when it comes to Thunderbird 2 one of their most ambitious releases has been DeAgostini’s Thunderbird 2 partwork build that began shipping in 2016. This beautiful 1:144 scale model could be built week by week across 80 issues, with subscribers to the collection ultimately ending up with a Thunderbird 2 model that featured lights, sounds, and telescopic legs. Even more impressively, the collection included several additional pods and almost two dozen support vehicles – including every major and minor pod vehicle, FAB 1, and others! It certainly wasn’t a cheap or easy way to acquire a Thunderbird 2 model, but if you have the patience and resources to construct it then the results are nothing less than amazing!

Thunderbird 2 bottle opener

Never heard of this item before? That’s because it’s only just launched! Now available from the Official Gerry Anderson Store, this unique bottle opener takes the form of the meticulously detailed front of Thunderbird 2. A sculpted masterpiece, it brings an exciting sense of adventure every time you pop open a bottle!

Measuring 120mm in length, 135mm in width, and 75mm in height, it’s not just a practical tool, but a magnificent decorative piece that takes your love for Thunderbirds to the next level. Cast in the finest resin and hand-painted to perfection, this opener boasts a high-quality, robust construction that guarantees durability while beautifully capturing the authentic look of the beloved craft.

Easily wall-mounted, this Thunderbird 2 bottle opener is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Let it be the conversation starter at your next barbecue or bring a nostalgic charm to your home bar. The product is suitable for ages 14 and above, making it an excellent gift for both young and seasoned fans of the franchise. Plus, it comes with a specially designed backing card, adding an extra touch of exclusivity and appeal.

Immerse yourself in the Thunderbirds universe with this Thunderbird 2 bottle opener, a perfect blend of nostalgia, craftsmanship, and functionality. This is not just a bottle opener, but a symbol of your fandom – a true collector’s item that offers a daily interaction with the legendary Thunderbird 2.

These are just a few of our favourite Thunderbird 2 items – did yours make our list? If not, let us know in the comments what it is and why it’s your favourite?

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Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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