5 Reasons to Listen to the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

Chris Dale, Jamie Anderson and Richard James

Whether you’re a regular podcast listener, or you’re thinking ‘what’s a podcast?’, if you’re a Gerry Anderson fan you really should be listening in to the weekly podcast. Here are 5 reasons why you should listen to the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

Firstly – what is it? It’s a weekly podcast (think downloadable radio chat show) all about Gerry Anderson and his amazing series. It’s totally free and is available in loads of places – iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and many other platforms. It’s hosted by Gerry Anderson’s son Jamie Anderson, and actor and writer Richard James (Space Precinct).

Weekly features and interviews

Every week we have a feature or interview where you can hear from those who worked on your favourite Gerry Anderson shows, as well as celebrity fans of all ages.

Recent interviewees include the voice of Parker and Brains David Graham, the late great Shane Rimmer (Scott Tracy), an archive interview with Derek Meddings, and a tribute to TV21 comic artist Mike Noble. It’s our aim to bring these names to life, and share their amazing stories with you.

Celebrity fan guests have so far included Gary Numan, Jon Culshaw, Sophie Aldred, David Quantick and Chris Packham.

The Randomiser

While some of you will undoubtedly have seen every single episode of every Gerry Anderson show, we know lots of you haven’t. The Randomiser is a fun and accessible way for you to learn about a random episode from a random series every week. Chris Dale guides us through each episode with a tongue in cheek look at that story. We know that loads of listeners have discovered (and loved) brand new shows just from the Randomiser.


As Richard reminds us every week in the Podcast, there’s new Gerry Anderson stuff happening right now. Every week we bring you news – and plenty of exclusives – of announcements, events, merchandise, new shows and much more.

FAB Facts

Inspired by Simon Archer’s brilliant book ‘Gerry Anderson’s FAB Facts’ we give you FAB facts from the worlds of Gerry Anderson each week. If you’ve missed out on these or would like to hear a few, then you can check out FAB Facts on YouTube.

A Fantastically Positive Community!

We’re really proud of our listeners – better known as the Podsterons. They’ve created a wonderful, vibrant, and positive community who meet up regularly at events, as well as discuss everything Gerry Anderson on the official Gerry Anderson Podcast Listeners Facebook Group!

We all know that fandom can sometimes become a little adversarial or argumentative, but the Podsteron community is incredibly positive, friendly, welcoming and generally F.A.B!

The podcast is hosted by Jamie Anderson and Richard James, joined every week by Randomiser General Chris Dale.

Have we convinced you? Will you listen to the Gerry Anderson Podcast? Go on! Join us! Subscribe today!

Listen right here, or subscribe via your favourite podcast app.


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