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Gerry Anderson List Of All Shows – Updated To Include New Releases

With so many television shows carrying the Gerry Anderson name, it can be hard to remember them all! Here’s a list of all 18 series produced by AP Films, Century 21 Productions, Group Three Productions, and more!

The Adventures of Twizzle

A runaway toy named Twizzle, who has the ability to extend his arms and legs, teams up with other toys and strays to form Stray Town, where toys can live safely and happily.

First aired: November 13th 1957

52 x 13-minute episodes (currently only 1 episode is known to survive)

Torchy the Battery Boy

After being created by Mr. Bumbledrop to rescue his dog Pom-Pom from the twinkling star, Torchy the Battery Boy bands together with sentient toys on Topsy Turvy Land to teach Earth’s naughty children a lesson.

First aired: January 11th 1959

Series 1: 26 x 13-minute episodes

Series 2: 26 x 13-minute episodes (not produced by AP Films)

Four Feather Falls

Tex Tucker is gifted four magic feathers by Indian chief Kallamakooya; two allow his dog Dusty and horse Rocky to speak, while the other two enable his guns to fire without him touching them. Tex becomes Sheriff of the small Western town Four Feather Falls, and protects the townsfolk from criminal goings-on.

First aired: February 25th 1960

39 x 13-minute episodes


With fearless aeronaut Mike Mercury at the controls, Supercar, the ‘Marvel of the Age’, is launched to assist those in trouble all over the world – and even at the edge of space!

First aired: January 28th 1961

Series 1: 26 x 25-minute episodes

Series 2: 13 x 25-minute episodes

Fireball XL5

The pride of the World Space Patrol travels the starways of Sector 25, as Steve Zodiac takes the controls of the famous interplanetary rocketship Fireball XL5.

First aired: October 28th 1962

39 x 25-minute episodes


The World Aquanaut Security Patrol’s flagship submarine Stingray explores the ocean depths and encounters undersea races both benign and aggressive!

First aired: October 4th 1964

39 x 25-minute episodes


The Tracy brothers of International Rescue take the controls of the five fabulous Thunderbird machines to assist those in peril anywhere in the world!

First aired: September 30th 1965

Series 1: 26 x 50-minute episodes

Series 2: 6 x 50-minute episodes

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

The agents of world security organisation Spectrum face weekly threats from alien aggressors the Mysterons, inhabitants of the planet Mars; can one man fate has made indestructible, Captain Scarlet, save the day?

First aired: September 29th 1967

32 x 25-minute episodes

Joe 90

Joe McClaine becomes the World Intelligence Network’s most special agent when his father invents a machine that can record the knowledge and experience of one mind and transfer it to another – enabling young Joe to become the nine-year-old superspy Joe 90!

First aired: September 29th 1968

30 x 25-minute episodes

The Secret Service

With the aid of the Minimiser, a top secret shrinking device, Father Stanley Unwin and agent Matthew Harding carry out a variety of unorthodox assignments for British Intelligence.

First aired: September 21st 1969

13 x 25-minute episodes


The SHADO organisation defends the Earth against visits from aliens from a dying planet, who seek to harvest human organs to keep their own failing bodies alive.

First aired: September 16th 1970

26 x 50-minute episodes

The Protectors

The Protectors, a worldwide detective organisation lead by Harry Rule, fights crime and protects the innocent throughout the UK and Europe.

First aired: July 7th 1972

Series 1: 26 x 25-minute episodes

Series 2: 26 x 25-minute episodes


The Moon is blown out of the Earth’s orbit by a massive nuclear explosion – and the 311 residents of Moonbase Alpha find themselves hurled into a terrifying voyage into the unknown!

First aired: September 4th 1975

Series 1: 24 x 50-minute episodes

Series 2: 24 x 50-minute episodes


The Terrahawks defend the Earth from attacks by the evil Queen Zelda and her monstrous cohorts!

First aired: October 8th 1983

Series 1: 26 x 25-minute episodes

Series 2: 13 x 25-minute episodes

Dick Spanner

In a parallel universe not far from here, a robotic private detective takes on the strangest cases in the galaxy!

First aired: May 3rd 1987

22 x 6-minute episodes (or 4 25-minute episodes)

Space Precinct

Human and alien police officers work together to maintain law and order in Demeter City on the planet Altor!

First aired: October 3rd 1994

24 x 45-minute episodes

Lavender Castle

The crew of the spaceship Paradox search for the mythical city of Lavender Castle before it can be tracked down and destroyed by the sinister Dr. Agon!

First aired: January 7th 1999

26 x 10-minute episodes

New Captain Scarlet

In this CGI reimagining of the 1967 original, the Mysterons declare war on Earth following an attack on their Martian city by Spectrum agents Captain Scarlet and Captain Black – with the two friends now taking opposite sides in the ensuing conflict!

First aired: February 12th 2005

26 x 25-minute episodes

How many of these did you know were Anderson series? Let us know in the comments – and if you’d like to stay informed about upcoming Gerry Anderson projects and other major news then please sign up to our mailing list here!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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