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A note on the launch…

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Thank you everyone, for the e-mails, comments, tweets, and Facebook comments and messages over the last 36 hours. What an amazing response to the launch of the website, and the announcement about new Gerry Anderson projects!

In case you missed it here’s just some of the coverage from the last day or so:

Den of Geek: Gerry Anderson’s Legacy Lives On

SFX: The Legacy Lives On – featuring the exclusive Captain Scarlet version of the teaser

Starburst Magazine: Official Anderson site and New Shows  Announced – with the Space 1999 version

Contact Music’s unusual take on the release

Fanderson‘s news item – featuring the exclusive Stingray version of the trailer

And this piece from the paper most local to the AP Films & Century 21 studios
You may also have seen smaller pieces in The Sun, Metro and a number of other papers.

Now, I realise this has all been a bit more of a meta-teaser, than a teaser about a specific project… but I can assure you the first project will be unveiled soon. There will be more updates to the website on an almost-daily basis, so keep coming back, and please keep sharing the site with your friends and colleagues!

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