Amazing prizes for Anderson Cosplay in 2015

Cosplay competition at Andercon 2015

Scott Tracy, Phones, Captain Scarlet, Zelda… if you can make it to Andercon 2015 dressed as YOUR favourite Anderson character and enter our amazing Cosplay Competition with a chance to win an amazing bundle of Anderson goodies at Andercon!

The prize bundle is worth over £250 and includes:
A copy of the new Terrahawks Audio series
A Gemini Force 1 goodie pack
A limited edition Space:1999 Eagle model kit
A Space: 1999 Moonbase Alpha model kit
A complete set of 6 Eric Chu posters
A copy of the new Blu-ray release of Thunderbirds Are Go! – The Movie
A copy of the new Blu-ray release of Thunderbird 6 – The Movie
A copy of the limited edition Supermarionation limited edition box set

Start planning your Anderson cosplay costume now! This amazing competition is open to Andercon attendees only, with the final cosplay parade and judging taking place on Sunday June 14. Get your tickets now at

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