Ander-Answers! Volume #2

With so many wonderfully diverse series and countless thrilling episodes to enjoy, it’s not surprising that we’ve been discussing all things Anderson for over 60 years! We regularly receive loads of questions from old and new fans alike and today we’re going to answer another of the most common queries that we’ve seen popping up again and again.

SHADO’s Skydiver 1 on patrol!

How Does Sky 1 Re-Dock With Skydiver?

Another aquatic query – I sense a theme here! Could it be that we were never shown these recovery sequences because they just weren’t as visually exciting as the launch sequences?

As every UFO fan knows, Sky 1 is the air superiority fighter used by SHADO in the conflict with a race of alien invaders. Fans would often see it deployed from the bow of Skydiver, the advanced submarine that served as a sub-aquatic launch platform for the aircraft.

When reunited, the two craft formed a single operational unit, but we never saw this process take place. So how exactly did it happen? A quick look through Commander Straker’s top-secret tech files has provided the answer!

The designers of Sky 1 faced a challenging order; to develop a craft capable of outmaneuvering the most advanced air superior fighters the world has ever known and function as a key component of a large submersible. Not an easy task, to be sure.

However, after an arduous period of research and development, they perfected the Sky Fighter and it went on to achieve great success in the fight against the invading aliens and their powerful UFO craft.

When Sky 1 is launched, the pilot transfers from the main cabin of Skydiver to the aircraft’s cockpit. The whole vessel pitches up to an angle of 45 degrees and the Sky Fighter’s boosters ignite, blasting it clear of the parent vessel, through the water and out into the atmosphere.

On returning for link-up, Sky 1 maintains operational altitude, while Skydiver checks for surface and SONAR contacts. If the area is clear of all contacts, the re-docking procedure is carried out as follows:

1. Sky 1 descends and reduces speed, performing a low-velocity water landing like a conventional amphibious aircraft.

2. The pilot floods the ballast tank so that the craft sinks below the waves.

3. Skydiver approaches from behind and the two craft project invisible guidance beams to receivers on each others hulls.

4. Minute course adjustments are made as necessary while Skydiver continues to close on the Sky Fighter.

5. Just before contact is made, powerful electromagnets draw the Sky Fighter firmly against the docking seal on Skydiver’s bow and mechanical clamps secure it in position.

The docking mechanisms on all Sky Fighters and Skydivers are universal, so any Sky Fighter aircraft can dock with any Skydiver submarine.

Two Become One: Sky 1 re-docks with Skydiver beneath the waves.

And that’s all for today, folks! If you have any other burning questions that you’d like us to answer in the next edition of Ander-Answers! then leave a comment below!

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