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Thunderbirds – What’s In A Name?

Many enthusiasts of Gerry Anderson’s arguably most famous creation, Thunderbirds, know that the inspiration for the series had something to do with his...


Konami Models: A Retrospective Review

Ask any Gerry Anderson fan to list what they most enjoy about any of Gerry Anderson’s science fiction epics and the chances are...

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Perils Of Penelope: Score Available!

For some two decades The Barry Gray Music Archive has overseen restoration of the work of British composer Barry Gray (1908 – 1984), known for his long...

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Terrahawks Volume 2 Blu-ray Coming Soon!

From the iconic creator of Thunderbirds, the second volume of the classic British children’s sci-fi series Terrahawks is to be released on Blu-ray...

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UFO Blu-ray Release Imminent!

The first live-action television series from the legendary creators of Thunderbirds Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, UFO is to be released in a new HD restoration, courtesy...

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Thunderbirds Vintage Prints Giveaway!

We’re giving you the chance to win a full set of all 5 Thunderbirds Vintage Travel Prints! Each print is A4 size, full colour and printed...

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Thunderbirds Vintage Prints: The FAB Review

To paraphrase Wilbur Dandridge III from the Thunderbirds episode ‘The Duchess Assignment’: “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like and...

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Thunderbirds Travel Prints Are Go!

Calling International Rescue! These incredibly stylish vintage travel poster inspired Thunderbirds art prints are absolutely FAB! Boasting a blend of retro charm and...


Gerry Anderson’s Sitcom Script Adapted For The Stage

Actor and playwright Richard James gives a fascinating account of his adaptation of an original sitcom script written by Gerry Anderson and Ronnie Cass. Gerry Anderson...


Space:1999 Special Guest Stars!

Ian Coomber guides us through a gallery of Space: 1999’s most famous guest stars. While a regular cast of actors often provided voices...

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