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Thunderbirds Thursday: The World of 2065

For many Gerry Anderson fans, Thunderbirds unsurprisingly remains the peak of his creative career. Many people enjoy these works for many different reasons,...


5 of Stingray’s Best Episodes

Stingray has recently blasted off into action on Talking Pictures TV, following on from the much-loved archive TV channel’s reruns of Thunderbirds and...

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International Women’s Day 2024: Heroines of Supermarionation

Gerry Anderson’s various TV series can often be identified by their heroic male protagonists, but a strong line-up of female characters regularly shared...

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Blast Off into World Book Day with the Technical Operations Manuals!

On World Book Day, equip yourself with the secrets of the global and galactic organisations that defend the Earth! Anderson Entertainment’s growing range...


Thunderbirds Thursday: 5 of the Thunderbird Craft’s Best Moments

As signalled by the series’ iconic countdown which begins each episode, Thunderbirds thrusts viewers into a world of dangerous heroics where mankind’s technological...


Gerry Anderson Day 2024 – Stand By For Action With The First Online Preview

Gerry Anderson Day is our annual celebration of the life and legacy of the man responsible for such classics as Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet,...


Thunderbirds Thursday: Stand By for Action 2 Concert Goodie Bag

Stand by for action… 2! Later this July, Stand By for Action 2: Tunes of Danger is coming to the Symphony Hall Birmingham....


Stingray To Launch On Talking Pictures TV

Stand by for action! Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s 1964 classic Stingray will be coming to Talking Pictures TV next month. Following on from...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection