Barry Gray Scores Now Available!


Ralph Titterton, who has restored and maintained the music archive of the late composer, Barry Gray, for over two decades is pleased to announce that from October 1st a new series of music scores for Brass Bands and Wind Band ensembles will be available through “Just Music” – one of the leading suppliers of music for Brass and Wind.

Not everyone knows Barry Gray’s name, however everyone knows his music for the late legendary producer, Gerry Anderson. Productions such as Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, UFO, Space: 1999, and of course, Thunderbirds; to name but a few.

barry gray scores now available

Ralph explained, up until now any Barry Gray music produced has been someone else’s interpretation or arrangement. Now for the very first time, these new arrangements will have been written directly from Gray’s original hand-written scores. Two very talented and gifted composer / arrangers are working with Ralph on these Barry Gray scores, Alfie Pugh and Crispin Merrell. Crispin is no stranger to Gerry Anderson’s work, having scored three series himself, Space Precinct, Lavender Castle, and New Captain Scarlet.

This series of band scores will begin with The International Rescue March, one of the last pieces scored by Barry Gray in the early 1980’s, and written for the real-life International Rescue Corps (IRC). Now a fully established charity organisation, 20% of the proceeds from this first sale will be donated to IRC. This will be followed by “Legacy”; a tribute to Gerry Anderson, later this year and music from the actual Anderson productions beginning in the New Year with Thunderbirds.

Two versions of each arrangement will be written. One for Brass Band. One for Wind Bands. Full ordering details are given on the Just Music website (see below). September 2015 is the 50th Anniversary of Thunderbirds, and it is planned that by this time a sizeable library of material will have been produced.

Ralph was also pleased to confirm that these band scores have the full support of the Gerry Anderson estate, and wished to thank Mary Anderson and her son, Jamie, for all of their support.

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