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Captain Scarlet: Cryptic Computer! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

Disaster! Spectrum’s Information Centre has developed a serious fault and all of Cloudbase’s messages are being badly garbled.

Lieutenant Green has managed to discover a clue to unraveling the messages, something he describes as a “MYSTERON cipher”. The only further information that he has been able to glean is that the letter ‘E’ is constant in both the original plain-text and garbled cipher-text versions of the messages.

The Lieutenant has provided 10 examples of the scrambled messages below and Colonel White has asked for your help in deciphering them. Are you up to the challenge?

  1. Smipmag Lsmkdep al Agtelpkqspayde, xhq mke ghp. Th ghp pkx ph afapmpe naf.
  2. Lqliespet Fxlpekhg Moegp lihppet ag Gev Xhkc.
  3. Daeqpegmgp Okeeg mlcl mdd moegpl ph lphi idmxago “A nmue lhfepnago ph lnhqp myhqp” hg pne ymle mfidaraekl.
  4. Ceddhool Lqomk Lfmscl mke ghv mumadmyde ag pne Sdhqtymle smrepekam.
  5. M gev umsmgsx rhk Smipmag Sxmg nml ghv hieget.
  6. Ieklhgged mke momag kefagtet pnmp pne rqed lphke al m gh-lfhcago mkem.
  7. Moegpl mke kefagtet pnmp ikmgc smddl ph Fmkageuadde vadd gh dhgoek ye phdekmpet.
  8. Pnal al mg hiekmpahgmd ymle, ghp m kelp segpke.
  9. Smipmag Fmoegpm kejqelpl pnmp ar mgxhge ragtl pne cexl ph pne Liespkqf Nedashipek pnex kepqkg pnef ph pne dhlp ikhiekpx teimkpfegp.
  10. Tk Rmvg vhqdt dace ph kefagt mdd ieklhgged ph vemk gmlmd lpkail ag pne khhf hr ldeei.


Let us know how you got on with these codes by leaving a comment with your answers below. There may even be a prize up for grabs for the best entries! Answers in next week’s A21 News Story!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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