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Captain Scarlet Volume 1 Blu-ray available to order!

Captain Scarlet Volume 1 Blu-ray

One of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s best-loved series, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons brought a new level of realism and sophistication to Century 21’s endlessly popular Supermarionation productions. To mark its fiftieth anniversary, the series has been remastered in HD from the original 35mm film elements for this Blu-ray edition – it has never looked better!

The year is 2068; after a misunderstanding leading to an attack on their Martian city, the Mysterons declare war on the inhabitants of Earth. Ranged against this devastatingly powerful enemy is Spectrum, a worldwide security organisation – its leading operative: Captain Scarlet. Having been captured and replicated by the Mysterons, but breaking free of their control, he now possesses extraordinary powers that make him Spectrum’s most powerful agent in the fight to save humanity!

Captain Scarlet Volume 1Technical Details

Classification U
Number of Discs 1
Picture 1080p HD / 1.33:1
Sound Mono / English
Subtitles None
Region A, B and C
Time 210 mins

On This Disc

The Mysterons
Humanity makes a terrible mistake and precipitates a war of nerves with the Mysterons from Mars.  Their first target is the World President, under the protection of Spectrum officers Captain Scarlet and Captain Brown. When both men are killed and resurrected as Mysteron agents, Spectrum must fight their own people in order to save the President’s life.

Winged Assassin
The Mysterons target the Director General of the United Asian Republic. After a failed assassination attempt, the Mysterons destroy and rebuild a DT-19 aircraft to aid their mission. Captain Scarlet returns to duty, apparently now virtually indestructible, but will this be enough to stop the Mysterons?

Big Ben Strikes Again
A nuclear device is stolen while being transported through London and it doesn’t take long for the Mysterons to announce the city itself as their latest target. All Spectrum have to go on is a lead from the driver of the nuclear transporter, who claims that he heard Big Ben strike thirteen times. With time running out, can Spectrum use this cryptic clue to find the device before it’s too late?

Point 783
The Supreme Commander of Earth Forces is threatened with death by the Mysterons. Scarlet and Blue escort him to a briefing at SHEF, narrowly averting an assassination attempt. Moving the Supreme Commander to a fortified bunker in the desert, Spectrum faces an even greater challenge: the new Unitron tank has been programmed to destroy the Supreme Commander at all costs!

The Mysterons make their first mistake when their agent Captain Black exposes himself to a short-life atomic isotope. This makes him detectable for a short period of time and Spectrum mobilize a net of Geiger counter-equipped tracking vehicles. With the net closing, a desperate Captain Black takes Symphony Angel hostage while Scarlet and Blue rush to the rescue.

Operation Time
The Mysterons announce that they are going to kill time. This baffling statement has Spectrum following up countless leads until Captain Magenta guesses the answer. The Spectrum forces prioritize the security of General Tiempo, whom they believe to be the Mysterons target and who is scheduled to undergo revolutionary surgery at the hands of Doctor Magnus. Unbeknownst to Spectrum, Magnus is a Mysteron agent and the General’s life is in greater danger than they think!

Renegade Rocket
Space Major Reeves is taken over by the Mysterons and launches a Variable Geometry Rocket from Base Concord, stealing the control unit containing the destruct code and target information. With no idea where the rocket is due to strike, Spectrum attempt to retrieve the control unit from Reeves, to no avail. As the rocket begins to descend, Spectrum realize that the rocket’s target is Base Concord itself!

White As Snow
Colonel White leaves Cloudbase after the Mysterons threaten to kill him, reasoning that such a threat endangers the other members of Spectrum. He takes refuge on board a submarine and is assigned protection in the form of Ensign Soames. However, neither the crew nor the Colonel realize that Soames is a Mysteron agent. With the Mysterons seemingly free to carry out their threat, could this be the end for Colonel White?

AC’s Review

Network has done an outstanding job with Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons Volume 1. The picture is incredibly clear, allowing viewers to glimpse details in model sets that were previously impossible to make out, even on DVD. One such example is that it is now possible to see the SPV on the London Car Vu as it collapses, previously thought to be absent in a continuity gaff.

The colours are vibrant, in fact you might say Spectrum Is Green for this release, and this is shown particularly clearly in the colourful Spectrum uniforms. Background details are much clearer too, in some instances I actually found myself going back to check the DVD as I was convinced a slightly different shot had been substituted on the Blu-ray. The sound is crisp and clear too, which is just as well with all those explosions and Barry Gray’s epic and memorable music.

If you’ve been debating whether or not to add this Blu-ray to your Gerry Anderson collection, I can wholehearted recommend that you do, the difference between the DVD version and the Blu-ray release is like night and day and I consider it an essential purchase for every Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons fan!

You can order your copy of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Volume 1 from the Gerry Anderson Store!

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