David Graham and Parker Attend Plaque Unveiling

David Graham and Parker attended the Kings Arms pub in Cookham this week to unveil a new plaque dedicated to the duo.

Surely by now everyone knows the story of how Parker’s voice came to be, but just in case you don’t then here’s the story:

In the early 1960s, Gerry Anderson frequented a pub in Cookham – not far from the Slough-based Supermarionation studios. At the pub there was a wine waiter by the name of Arthur who would ask: “Would you like to see the wine list, sir?”. Arthur’s ‘poshed up’ Cockney voice so fascinated the Thunderbirds creator that he sent David Graham to the Kings Arms every day for a week to engage Arthur in conversation, and learn to mimic his voice. And so, Parker’s voice was born.

Now over half a decade later, and thanks to the efforts of Thunderbirds superfan Craig Johnson, a plaque has been unveiled at the pub to celebrate the birth of one of the UK’s most iconic children’s characters.

The unveiling was attended by David Graham and Parker, Jamie Anderson, Richard James (Space Precinct, Firestorm), Terry Adlam (Dick Spanner, Terrahawks), John Brown (Thunderbirds, Stingray), Charlotte Serpell (Space Precinct) and a small group of dedicated fans including Craig Johnson who first contacted the pub to arrange the plaque.

Chris Gower, manager at the Kings Arms, laid on a special 5 course, Thunderbirds-themed meal for the day including a pea and mint Thunderbird 2 course, and fish course for Thunderbird 4.

Interviews were also recorded for the Gerry Anderson Podcast which you can hear from Monday 12 November.

If you’d like to visit the Kings Arms to soak up some Gerry Anderson history then you can find it on the High Street in Cookham, Berkshire. Or visit their official website.: The Kings Arms at Cookham

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