Documentary | Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted

Gerry Anderson’s career spanned 60 years, and he created & produced some of the world’s most beloved children’s television series including Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Space:1999, Terrahawks, Space Precinct and many more, some with his then-wife Sylvia.

Released a decade after his death, this incredibly revealing, emotionally charged and deeply personal documentary will draw on exclusive access to over 30 hours of previously unpublished interviews, in order to share the untold stories that defined his life and body of work. 

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In a fitting tribute to the technical pioneer, and with permission from his youngest son Jamie, A Life Uncharted will use artificial intelligence to bring Gerry to life via a ‘deep fake’ simulation, allowing him to candidly share his story with fans on screen. 

With additional interviews and commentary from friends, family, fans and colleagues, viewers will bear witness to a revealing look back through Gerry Anderson’s life, from a poverty-stricken childhood at the hands of warring parents, charting the previously undisclosed story of his journey to becoming the legendary creator whose legacy still inspires and entertains to this day. 

How can I watch Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted?

United Kingdom

Streaming: The documentary is available to watch on the subscription service Britbox in the UK having launched on 14 April 2022, known to fans as ‘Gerry Anderson Day’. Britbox also features a special selection of Gerry Anderson episodes with intros from the great man (The Uncharted Episodes) as well as a making-of featurette.

Cinemas: A nationwide theatrical tour has been announced with more dates to be added in the coming months.

9th April 2022: Preview screening at BFI Southbank
15th April 2022: The Electric, Birmingham with Q&A hosted by Jon Culshaw – SOLD OUT
17th April 2022: The Electric, Birmingham
4th May 2022: Cube, Bristol with Q&A
5th May 2022: Picture House, Uckfield with Q&A
18th May 2022: Glasgow Film Theatre with Q&A
21st May 2022: Norden Farm, Maidenhead with Q&A
3rd June 2022: Kings Street Cinema, Ipswich with Q&A
29 June 2022: Quad, Derby with Q&A (Charity event)
10th July 2022: Chapeltown, Manchester with Q&A
23rd July 2022: Number 8, Pershore with Q&A

Outside the United Kingdom

Details to be announced soon.

Will the Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted be released on DVD/Blu-ray?

Yes! We can’t announce precise plans yet, but we are happy to confirm that it will be made available on DVD and Blu-ray in due course.

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