FAB Worlds of Anderson event this weekend!

FAB Worlds of Anderson Event

FAB Worlds of Anderson at the National Space Centre

Gerry Anderson fans can head to the National Space Centre this weekend to meet the stars (puppet and human), see the sets, discover the techniques and find out how Gerry, Sylvia and their team created some of the best-loved shows of all time.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons, as well as 60 years since Anderson’s first television production, The Adventures of Twizzle. And the FAB Worlds of Anderson event promises to celebrate those milestones as well as many other aspects of Gerry Anderson’s incredible productions.

Visitors can journey through entire worlds in miniature and see the magic behind the genius. From Fireball XL5 to Space: 1999, Captain Scarlet to Space Precinct, Supercar to Thunderbirds, this is an event looking at the skill and ingenuity that spawned a whole industry.

There will be studio scale model sets, studio scale model craft, costume displays and a whole exhibition of props from over 60 years of their work. Fans, makers, builders, puppeteers, voice artists, musicians, composers and a whole array of people who worked with them and those inspired by their work, will be coming together to create a FAB weekend…

Guests include Matt Zimmerman, Brian Johnson and Liz Morgan with artists Graham Bleathman and Chris Thompson appearing across the weekend.

You’ll also be able to pick up some Gerry Anderson goodies from the Gerry Anderson Store which will be on site all weekend!

Tickets can be booked in advance via the National Space Centre website.

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