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Fleet Assembles For Gerry Anderson Day! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

Fantastic craft and personnel from all corners of the globe have assembled together in order to celebrate Gerry Anderson Day!

The top secret rendezvous zone, dubbed Point Gamma-Alpha, is host to scientists, intelligence operatives, rescue personnel and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our A21 correspondent managed to get a few words with some of the attendees at the most special gathering and asked why Gerry Anderson’s legacy continues to endure.

Virgil Tracy had travelled aboard the mighty Thunderbird 2 all the way from International Rescue’s headquarters somewhere in the South Pacific. Virgil remarked “International Rescue is dedicated to saving lives wherever they may be in distress. I think that’s the kind of selfless message that resonates with people no matter what age they are. At International Rescue’s heart, we’re a close-knit family and that’s something else that definitely appeals to folks.”

Troy Tempest and Atlanta Shore made the trip from Marineville by sea and were airlifted on the last leg of the journey by Thunderbird 2. Atlanta, a keen artist, was quick to comment, “The notion of switching to colour film was inspired. The world is such a bright and vibrant place and I hope that our adventures have been able to bring a little of that colour into viewers lives.” Captain Tempest added “It’s the classic good-versus-evil struggle, a story that’s as old as time itself. Folks face challenges every day, maybe not like the kind of underwater challenges we face in the WASP, but whatever we come up against, we always get through it. No matter how desperate a situation may be, there’s always hope and I think that’s a great message.”

Mike Mercury zoomed onto the scene in Supercar, a fantastic vehicle capable of just about anything. Mike saw it as a fitting tribute for Gerry Anderson Day. “There are no limits with the Supercar, it has the power of imagination and the power to go beyond what you can imagine too. Anything is possible. I think that’s exactly the reason we’re all here today, because settling for just ‘what’s possible’ wasn’t good enough and the Andersons pushed to be better, go further and fly higher.”

Steve Zodiac and Robert the Robot performed a spectacular high-flying display in Fireball XL5 before checking in with our correspondent. “The space race was in full swing in the 1960s. When Armstrong took those first steps, the world was united for the first time. That sense of wonder in the possibilities that technology can make possible is just one of the reasons these shows continue to thrill audiences around the world. It’s a legacy where not even the sky’s the limit, I guess.”

Tiger Ninestein and Kate Kestrel flew in on board Hawkwing and Kate performed a couple of her greatest hits for the assembled crowd. When asked about his thoughts on Gerry Anderson Day, Doctor Ninestein remarked, “There’s always an element of humour.  Sometimes it’s on the nose, sometimes it’s more subtle, but it runs throughout each series. Giving people a laugh is something that’ll never go out of style, whether it’s a hidden joke or a bowl of carbon jelly in the face.”

Captain Blue traveled across the desert by SPV and pointed out, “The stories are timeless and there’s a new audience every seven to ten years. Setting the action in the far future gave the creative teams the opportunity to create the most incredible technology. Many of the science fiction elements of the series have become science fact, especially when you look at how advanced communications technology is now. That kind of forward thinking is one of the hallmarks of great entertainment.”

Harmony Angel arrived from Skybase in her Falcon Interceptor. “The technology used to tell the stories is sometimes even more impressive than the technology featured in them! Sometimes it was a case of inventing the technology they needed if it didn’t exist, and many of those innovations went on to become industry standard.”

Nero Jones was present, but unavailable for comment, stating that our correspondent didn’t have sufficient clearance to speak with agents of the First Action Bureau.

Sadly, our correspondent didn’t have time to speak to all the personnel present at the gathering, but we wish you a very happy Gerry Anderson Day and hope that you have an F.A.B. time!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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