Flight of the Eagle – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Report

Crowds gathered at Kennedy Space Center this morning to witness the annual Eagle Transporter memorial flight demonstration. Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the lunar catastrophe that propelled the Moon out of Earth’s orbit, stranding the 311 men and women of Moonbase Alpha with no way of returning to Earth.

The Eagle Transporter, the backbone of the Moonbase Alpha fleet, was flown by Captain R. Andrews in this morning’s show. She later commented “The Eagle is a special craft, and one very close to my heart. The technology we use today can be traced right back to the Eagle. Sure, spaceflight has become more advanced, but the Eagle always got the job done and anyone who has ever flown one will never forget the experience.”

Colonel S. Rimmer piloted the Mark IX Hawk that accompanied the Eagle during the display. He echoed Andrews’ thoughts, saying “I’ve been flying spacecraft of one type or another for close to 30 years and the Eagle is still one of my all-time favorites. The Hawk’s got better maneuverability and speed, but given the choice, I’d take the original any day of the week.”

This morning’s display highlighted the durability and versatility of the Eagle Transporter, giving an impressive account of how useful it would have been as a multi-role craft to the personnel of Moonbase Alpha.

As always, it is our continuing hope that, as technology advances, one day we will discover what happened to the Alphans and what became of them somewhere out there…

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