Gerry Anderson at The Curve!


The Curve – Slough’s new library and cultural centre is opening on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 September!

From 10am to 5pm there will be two days of fun for all the family inside and outside this new iconic centre, right in the heart of Slough.

As part of the areas cultural history, with “Supercar” through to “UFO” being made in Slough (and more recently “Thunderbirds 65” and “Firestorm”), the worlds of Gerry Anderson are making up part of the opening with a special exhibition in the “Gallery @ The Curve”. On display will be various models and artwork from across the worlds of Gerry Anderson.

Also on hand will be Jamie Anderson, to answer questions and to entertain!


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Written by
Chris Thompson

A freelance Artist and Film-maker based on a not so secret island in the East Atlantic. Grew up up on the Anderson series reruns in the 90s and have always strived to create works that are as interesting and exciting.

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