Gerry Anderson Legacy – 2015 summary

Since Gerry Anderson passed away at the end of 2012 Anderson Entertainment and many others have been hard at work – continuing the legacy of Britain’s very own Walt Disney. Here’s an update on where things are up to with the Gerry Anderson legacy as we enter 2016…

Gemini Force One

Gemini Force One Black Horizon

The first two books of Gemini Force One – Gerry Anderson’s contemporary science fiction adventure series – Black Horizon and Ghost Mine were released this year, with the third book ‘White Storm’ out in April 2016.

We’ll also be revealing something very special to celebrate the release of White Storm in April/March 2016.

You can buy the first two books in all good book shops or via the Gerry Anderson Store’s Gemini Force One area.

Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson


Anderson Entertainment worked with Network Distributing to put together the Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson DVD set which was released back in April. It proved to be incredibly popular with its first run selling out in less than a week. The set is a must for Gerry Anderson fans, as it features untransmitted Gerry Anderson pilots, as well as the previously unreleased ‘You’ve Never Seen This’ (Gerry’s 1956 directorial debut) and Blue Cars (made by AP Films with Nicholas Parsons) available for the first time, as well as the previously unseen episode of Dick Spanner.

So far versions are currently available in the UK (which you can purchase here) as well as Australia and New Zealand. We hope that a US and Canada version will be available soon.



IMG_0244The 1980s cult classic has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance over the last 18 months with volume one of the new full cast audio series released in April 2015  with a second series commissioned, now entering the edit phase, to be released April 2016. It has also been announced that the second series will feature Nicholas Parsons as a new character – Zelda’s old flame Nickel-plate Starsons. You can pre-order the second series, and get an immediate download of the first series over at

To add to the Terrahawks rebirth, the Zeroids vs Cubes animated web series was released in June, and we hope more will be coming next year.

Thunderbirds 1965

Jeff, Penelope and Parker in Introducing ThunderbirdsWho would have thought there would ever be more episodes of classic Thunderbirds? Well, now there are three brand new episodes of classic Thunderbirds thanks to Stephen La Riviere, his dedicated team, and thousands of generous backers who supported the Thunderbirds 1965 project via Kickstarter.

If you missed out on the project, then keep your fingers crossed that ITV will choose to give the three episodes a broadcast in 2016 – we promise you won’t be disappointed!


Filmed in Supermarionation

The definitive documentary, from the same team that put together Thunderbirds 1965, about the Supermarionation series has recently enjoyed a series of transmissions on on Sky Arts, experiencing fantastic ratings and enjoying a number of releases worldwide. It really is a triumph of a documentary, and beautifully tells the human side of the AP Films and Century 21 story, and is available from the Gerry Anderson Store.



Progress continues apace on the genesis of this new ‘Ultramarionation’ series, which has been one of Anderson Entertainment’s main focus projects of 2015. Despite a few hold ups with puppet development, and some delays due to scheduling, the mini-pilot is expected to begin shooting early in 2016. The return to practical effects and puppetry has captured the imagination of fans across the world, and the time seems right for puppet heroes to make a return to our screens!

If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order a DVD or Blu-ray of the mini-pilot from the Firestorm Backerkit site.

The Gerry Anderson Online Store

Gerry Anderson merchandise

The Gerry Anderson online store has gone from strength to strength and is now the number one specialist website for Gerry Anderson merchandise and collectibles with new ranges produced by Anderson Entertainment in conjunction with license-holders ITV.

Gerry Anderson’s Christmas Miracle


Gerry Anderson’s 2008 Christmas animated sci-fi feature has been given a new lease of life, with Anderson Entertainment redeveloping the film project from Gerry Anderson’s original script. The film project is currently in the development and funding stage.

Andercon 2015

The second Gerry Anderson convention – Andercon 2015 – was a huge success featuring many guests from the very beginnings of Gerry Anderson’s career right up to the most recent, and ongoing legacy projects, and included the unveiling of Firestorm puppet Sam Scott, Terrahawks Live, a vast model display, and a live puppetry workshop from Richard Gregory and Judy Preece.

Here’s to 2016!

It’s been an exciting couple of years, and there’s a huge amount more material in the Gerry Anderson archive that Anderson Entertainment will continue developing in 2016 and beyond. Stand by for more action!


Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection

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