The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson

Lost Worlds of Gerry AndersonWhat are the “Lost Worlds”?

Over his lengthy and illustrious career Gerry Anderson produced a huge number of incredibly successful TV shows and films like Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, and Space: 1999 to name but a few. But as well as those well-known hits there were a number of also-rans, shows that never quite made it, and some misses too! These forgotten (or in some cases never even known about) shows and ideas make up the Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson.

Would I know any of the projects?

Quite possibly. Some of the projects in the Lost Worlds were announced publicly  but never made it past script (Five Star Five) or pilot film stage (The Investigator, The Day After Tomorrow). Others were never announced, and you may not have even been aware of them (Deep Sky). And a couple of others you might remember from when they were released – but since then they’ve faded into the mists of time (Candy & Andy).

So what will we get to see?

Space Police original ScreenplayAll sorts! We’ll gradually be releasing screenplays, DVDs, limited edition prints, trading cards and other collectibles from the Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson.

The first item due to release is the original screenplay from Space Police – the pilot film starring Shane Rimmer that eventually became Space Precinct in 1994/5. The screenplay will be available as a paperback and an ebook very soon!

Stand by for action!


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