Gerry Anderson Podcast Pod 100 Released

Today sees the release of the 100th episode of the Gerry Anderson Podcast! It contains two special features – the Genesis of Thunderbirds, with exclusive archive audio of Gerry Anderson himself giving insights into how the iconic 1960s show came to be, and a ‘best of’ mashup featuring highlights of 15 of our most popular interviewees from the past 100 podcasts.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Gerry Anderson series like Thunderbirds, Space:1999, Captain Scarlet, UFO, Terrahawks or anything Anderson – then the Gerry Anderson Podcast is for you!

Hosted by Olivier nominee Richard James (Space Precinct, Terrahawks) and Gerry Anderson’s son Jamie Anderson, the Gerry Anderson Podcast is a weekly audio extravaganza featuring Gerry Anderson chat, news, interviews, reviews, competitions and Chris Dale’s amazing Randomiser taking you on an episode-by-episode journey through six decades of Gerry Anderson shows.

What happens in Pod 100?

In this extra special 3 hour (!) edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast we have two special features for you, as well as a whole host of special messages from our Podsterons, memories, reflections and all the usual stuff like the Randomiser, FAB Facts, Gerry Anderson news, and the final ever (maybe) Plot of Peril!

1:10 – Introduction to Pod 100 – a little longer than usual as there’s a lot to look forward to!

6:40 – FAB Facts, but with a twist…!

12:00 – Answer a question for us

12:45 – Messages from our Podsterons to celebrate our 100th episode

23:40 – Gerry Anderson News

30:30 – More messages from our Podsterons

33:30 – Feature One: Best interviews of the last 99 podcasts

1:14:05 – Some filler from Jamie and Richard and more Podsteron messages!

1:23:00 – The Genesis of Thunderbirds featuring Gerry Anderson

1:58:20 – Thoughts and reflections on the feature and even more Podsteron messages!!

2:04:15 – The winners of the (probably) final Plot of Peril!

2:08:40 – All Hail the Dale! Chris is here with a pod 100 Randomiser

2:45:10 – Wrapping things up for Pod 100! Last few Podsteron messages included.

Links Mentioned

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Space:1999 Eagles Crashed and Lots video

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