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The Gerry Anderson Store’s New Warehouse is Go!

Gerry anderson store warehouse is a bit like the TB2 hangar

We’re very excited to have recently moved the Gerry Anderson Store to a brand new warehouse in Northampton. After three fantastic years in Oxfordshire, we’ve taken things up a gear and have moved to a new specialist fulfilment centre to help improve efficiency and service levels for all of our FAB customers.

The warehouse is strangely reminiscent of Thunderbird 2‘s hangar and is packed full of hard-working people who love Gerry Anderson’s shows.

The Gerry Anderson Store Now Offers…

Same day dispatch

All orders, where items are in stock, received before 1pm will be sent on the same day – guaranteed.

Real-time stock control

If an item is in-stock, then you know it is ready to be dispatched.

Real-time picking, packing and shipping visibility

Once your order is sent for processing, you’ll receive an email containing a link to our warehouse tracking system. You’ll be able to see exactly when your order is being picked, packed, labelled and when it has been dispatched. You’ll even be able to see who packed it. Look out for Richie – he’s a big Terrahawks fan!

Automated no-hassle returns

From your order monitoring page, you’ll also be able to arrange returns. Just click the Returns button to get started, and within 60 seconds, we’ll have booked your return in and you’ll have all the details you need to get it back to us. It’s all part of our FAB no-hassle returns policy.

The highest possible order accuracy

With our new barcoding and inventory tracking system, nothing can be packed without having its barcode scanned and checked. So packing accuracy will be as close to 100% as humanly possible from now on.

Gerry Anderson Store warehouse fulfilment team
Some of the brilliant team responsible for handling and shipping your Gerry Anderson Store orders!

We’ll be up to 100% functionality on Monday 22 May.

So why not give the Gerry Anderson Store a try? We have all sorts of goodies and exclusive collectables, including exclusive Japanese Thunderbirds toys and are able to deliver worldwide!


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