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Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm Premiere – Final Call

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At 1pm on 27th October, the pilot minisode of Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm will premiere at MCM Comic Con London’s Centre Stage followed by a global online premiere at FirestormHQ.com.

If you’re able to get to the Comic Con panel, you’ll be able to see a panel featuring three voices from the pilot minisode – Gethin Anthony (Sam Scott), Naoko Mori (Nagisa Kisaragi) and Nicholas Briggs (REMUS), as well as three of the show’s key crew – Steve Begg (FX Supervisor, director and associate producer), Mike Tucker (Miniature FX Supervisor) and Jamie Anderson (Producer).

The panel will be accompanied by a special appearance from a small, but important, guest accompanied by some of Firestorm’s puppeteering team.

The minisode will then play out for the centre stage audience, and the session will end with a quick-fire Q&A session to round off the Firestorm premiere.

If you can’t make MCM Comic Con, then don’t worry, because from 1:40pm you’ll be able to see the minisode online at FirestormHQ.com.

We can’t wait for you to see the minisode – and hope you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. We also hope it’ll leave you wanting more – because there’s much more to come!

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