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Inside Space: 1999 – A Closer Look at The Die-Cast Eagles Collectibles

Anderson Entertainment proudly introduces the Space: 1999 Eagles Collectibles, a captivating homage to Gerry Anderson’s iconic sci-fi series. Crafted with precision and passion, these limited-edition die-cast replicas of the legendary Eagle Transporter and Rescue Eagle are a true collector’s item.

The Eagle Transporter

The star of the collection is the Limited Production Edition 1. 2023 Mark III Eagle Transporter, a faithful recreation of the spacecraft that captured the imagination of sci-fi enthusiasts worldwide. This finely detailed model stands at approximately 10 inches (25cm), made of die-cast Zamac metal and ABS plastic. It showcases the elegance and versatility of the original design from Space: 1999 Year One.

Beautifully hand-painted and finished, the Eagle Transporter features newly developed command module windows that bear an incredible likeness to the on-screen original. The craft’s engine unit and module landing legs are crafted with incredible attention to detail, bringing this iconic spacecraft to life.

The Eagle is proudly displayed on a fully sculpted scenic base, a unique feature exclusive to this collector’s range. The package is completed with a deluxe white presentation box. It’s marked as part of the premium range and features a soft-touch matte finish interior that includes detailed information on all the future Eagles coming soon.

The Rescue Eagle

The collection also includes the Rescue Eagle, equally impressive in its die-cast construction. The Rescue Eagle has intricate detailing, much like the Transporter, you can see its exclusive design linked to specific episodes. Both Eagles are part of a series of new collector items, making them a must-have for enthusiasts who want to own a piece of Space: 1999 history.

True to its legacy, both Eagles come with a fixed set of legs, a display base, and a limited edition certificate of authenticity. With an approximate weight of 1.1kg and a scale of 1:106, it’s a great addition to feature in a glass cabinet.

For fans of the series and collectors of iconic science fiction memorabilia, the Space: 1999 Eagles Collectibles are a unique opportunity to bring the wonders of Anderson’s visionary universe into their homes. Don’t miss your chance to own these exquisite pieces, as they soar into the hearts of collectors around the world.

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