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Issue 2 of Spectrum: The Worlds of Gerry Anderson comic anthology coming soon!

Following the success of last year’s Spectrum anthology, Time Bomb Comics is delighted to announce the series’ second issue with all new stories from largely returning creative teams. This will be a new 44-page issue, featuring the same Gerry Anderson titles as #1: New Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct and Terrahawks – in time for Terrahawks’ 40th anniversary in October 2023.

Needing no introduction, Anderson’s work was a huge part of the British television landscape from the 1960s to the 90s, with his shows becoming favourites of many science fiction fans. The three titles included in Spectrum span the genre, from alien fighting to space-based police procedural.

The creative teams for the Spectrum anthology issue 2 are Steve Tanner (writer), Pete Woods John Charles (colours) and James Grey (letters), on New Captain Scarlet; Richmond A. Clements (writer) and James Gray (art and lettering) on Space Precinct; Dan Whitehead (writer), Ste Pickford & Gary Crutchley (artists), Owen Watts (colours) and James Grey (lettering) on Terrahawks. The cover will be drawn by Steve Pugh, known for his work at DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and 2000AD.

The first issue of Spectrum outperformed sales and critical expectations, with the title being sold in both newsagents and specialist comic book stores enabling it to reach a wide range of readers.  The second issue is expected to go even further in reaching both old and new audiences.

“It’s wonderful to be able to see our books out in the streets and to know they’re reaching people!” said Time Bomb Comics chief, Steve Tanner. “The sales success of Spectrum issue #1 demonstrates how much Gerry’s work resonates, and that there’s a huge audience of people who are just waiting to start reading comics!”

“I’m delighted to see how the Gerry Anderson titles and characters have evolved in the second issue. The Time Bomb team have kept the authentic feel of the shows and the comic looks fantastic.” entertainment chief, writer, producer and director Jamie Anderson added.

In a deal brokered by Larkshead Licensing, this 44-page anthology is the second publication released in partnership with Anderson Entertainment.

Spectrum #2 will be opening for pre-order sales on Kickstarter on July 1st, with a planned publication date later in 2023.

Praise for Spectrum:

“Each of them are great, albeit brief, pieces that do well to showcase the style and lore of each show they’re drawn from.” – Mid Life Gamer Geek,

“… if that brilliant colourful cover doesn’t immediately grab your attention, then the contents should.” – Benjamin Williams, Comic Book News, 

“This was an entertaining read – and I think it would fit for both new readers and those who remember the classic TV series.”  Michael Nimmo, 3 Million Years,

“The DNA of each respective series is effortlessly engrained into the three strips, elevating their enjoyability and ultimately makes Spectrum a lively, entertaining package.” Fred McNamara,

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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