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Joe 90 Blu-ray Volume 1 Released for 50th Anniversary

Joe 90 volume 1 blu-ray

Network Distributing have today announced the release of Joe 90 Volume 1 on Blu-ray! It’s available exclusively from

Another huge hit for Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Joe 90 took Century 21’s popular Supermarionation productions into new territory with a star who’s a nine-year-old secret agent! To mark its fiftieth anniversary, the series has been remastered in HD from the original 35mm film elements for this Blu-ray edition and has never looked better.

Joe McClaine is a normal nine-year-old boy – but with his stepfather’s new invention he becomes something much more. Professor McClaine’s BIG RAT machine can imprint another person’s brain patterns on Joe, giving him the skills to fly a jet, become an astronaut or operate on someone’s brain! Recruited by the World Intelligence Network, Joe quickly becomes their Most Special Agent!

Joe 90 blu-ray volume 1On this disc:

The Most Special Agent
Operation McClaine
Three’s a Crowd
International Concerto
Big Fish
The Unorthodox Shepherd

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