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Joe 90 Deluxe Blu-ray Collectors Box Set Available to Pre-order Now!

Limited edition Joe 90 deluxe blu-ray collectors set

The limited edition Joe 90 deluxe Blu-ray box set is now available for you to pre-order, due to be released on 18th March 2019.

Joe 90: Volume 4 Deluxe Edition [BLU-RAY]

Another huge hit for Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Joe 90 took Century 21’s popular Supermarionation productions into new territory with a star who’s a nine-year-old secret agent! To mark its fiftieth anniversary, the series has been remastered in HD from the original 35mm film elements for this Blu-ray edition and has never looked better. This is a special deluxe edition of volume 4 and is limited to 1000 units (note volumes 1, 2 and 3 are NOT included in this edition and must be bought separately).

Order your copy now exclusively available from the Gerry Anderson Store and Network on Air.

Joe McClaine is a normal nine-year-old boy – but with his stepfather’s new invention he becomes something much more. Professor McClaine’s BIG RAT machine can imprint another person’s brain patterns on Joe, giving him the skills to fly a jet, become an astronaut or operate on someone’s brain! Recruited by the World Intelligence Network, Joe quickly becomes their Most Special Agent!

On the volume 4 disc:

Test Flight
Child of the Sun God
Trial at Sea
Viva Cordova
See You Down There
The Birthday

PLUS this Joe 90 deluxe  Blu-ray set includes:

  • Volume 4 of Joe 90 featuring the final six episodes, beautifully remastered in HD
  • A brand-new comic featuring art from acclaimed comics artist Paul McCaffrey
  • A brand-new book on the making of Joe 90 by acclaimed television historian Andrew Pixley
  • A rigid box and lid to accommodate all four volumes and new materials
  • A bonus disc featuring a wealth of new and archive material:

Project 90 Featuring brand new and previously unseen archive interviews this documentary charts the inception, production and reception of Gerry Anderson’s penultimate Supermarionation series.
The Science of Joe 90 Is the Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record and Transfer a realistic possibility? Could Joe 90 ever happen in the real world? It’s probably more likely than you think…
WIN Briefing Sam Loover briefs the world governments on W.I.N’s operational status and the latest progress on their most special agent’s missions. Narrated by Keith Alexander.
Lone-Handed 90: Widescreen Version With its superbly cinematic model landscapes, this fan-favourite episode has been remastered in a 1.66:1 widescreen aspect ratio exclusively for this release. However many times you’ve seen this episode before you’ve never experienced it like this!
Special Glasses Tag/Special Glasses Recording Session A tag sequence appended to the opening titles by some ITV regions during the series’ original transmission, intended as a warning to young viewers.
Textless Titles and Ad Break Clean titles and the end-of-part sequences used for the series’ original transmissions on ITV.
Sugar Smacks Commercials Three contemporary Joe 90-realted adverts from 1968/1969.
The Amazing Adventures of Joe 90 and Trailer A rarity from 1981 – when episodes of television shows were only ever available in compilations! This was the first commercially available Joe 90 home video.
Image Galleries Several hundred images in High Definition – including rare behind-the-scenes shots and images from the Doug Luke archive.

Joe 90 Deluxe blu-ray box set

Further details:

Catalogue Number : 7958193
Classification U
Number of Discs 1
Picture 1080p HD / 1.33:1
Sound Mono / English
Subtitles None
Region A, B and C
Time 156 mins + extras

NOTE: Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of Joe 90 are NOT included in this box set but they are available in the store.

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