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Limited Edition Captain Scarlet Pistol Available

Captain Scarlet pistol

Following the success of last year’s Thunderbirds replica raygun, The Official Gerry Anderson Store is pleased to present another original and exclusive collectable from Planet Replicas: The Limited Edition Captain Scarlet Pistol!

This official Captain Scarlet Pistol is available exclusively from The Official Gerry Anderson store – it is not available anywhere else! And only 350 available worldwide!

We are sure that you will agree that this is an exciting item – and such a great collectable. Created by the model and prop experts at Planet Replicas this replica pistol is available in seven variants Scarlet, Black, Blue, Green, White, Ochre and Magenta – with the Ochre and Magenta editions already sold out.

Don’t miss out on the other editions of this exclusive Captain Scarlet pistol. Grab one now!

Captain Scarlet Pistol Ochre Magenta Editions sold out
The Captain Ochre and Captain Magenta editions have already sold out!

Made to celebrate 50 years of Captain Scarlet, this faithful, high quality, full-size reproduction (human hand size, not puppet scale!) is handmade and comes with its own display stand.

Be the envy of all of your friends and buy yours before these are gone! It’s the perfect product to round off Captain Scarlet’s 50th anniversary year!

Even though Captain Scarlet had managed to secure a Scarlet issue pistol, he was distraught to see that two editions had already sold out

Product Details

  • Official and fully licensed by ITV
  • Limited to 350 worldwide (boxes are individually numbered)
  • 23cm x 13cm x 4cm (plus stand)
  • Made from weighted polystone resin
  • The most accurate and carefully researched Spectrum pistol replica ever made


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