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Thunderbirds Tomica Mini Models Are Go!

Mini Metal Models Are Go!

Thunderbirds are most definitely go with these mini metal Thunderbirds models featuring all five International Rescue craft and of course Lady Penelope’s famous Rolls Royce, FAB 1!  The Official Gerry Anderson Store now offers these Japanese models by Takara Tomy and they are part of the Tomica Series, a miniature series that includes other famous Thunderbirds vehicles, so why not own them all!

Mini Metal Thunderbirds

Each mini metal Thunderbirds model comes packaged in an attractive box featuring Japanese and English text, and images of the craft and pilot. They’re wonderfully detailed and look great as display pieces or if you’re zooming them around making rocket noises (we all do it!) Now let’s have a rundown of the International Rescue craft!

Mini Metal Thunderbirds - TB1Thunderbird 1 – Sleek, first and fast

Thunderbird 1 is International Rescue’s rapid response reconnaissance rocket craft, and is first on the scene of most rescue operations. It is piloted by Scott Tracy and can reach speeds of 15,000 miles per hour, perfect for reaching the scene of a disaster with time to spare.

Mini Metal Thunderbirds - TB2Thunderbird 2 – Giant transporter

The workhorse of the rescue fleet, the massive Thunderbird 2 is designed to carry the heavy rescue equipment to the danger zone in one of six interchangeable pods. Virgil Tracy is the pilot of this green leviathan and his nerves of steel make him the perfect man for the job.

Mini Metal Thunderbirds - TB3Thunderbird 3 – Designed for space rescue

This towering red rocket is the high speed relay craft used to resupply Thunderbird 5 and is also used on all space rescue missions. It is piloted by Alan Tracy, the youngest of the Tracy boys, with Scott as co-pilot, although John Tracy also takes turns manning the ship whenever he is back on Earth.

Mini Metal Thunderbirds - TB4Thunderbird 4 – Capable of withstanding the pressure of the depths

While diminutive in size compared with the other Thunderbird craft, Thunderbird 4 is a vital part of the International Rescue fleet. It is capable of diving to the deepest parts of the ocean and is piloted by fun-loving aquanaut, Gordon Tracy.

Mini Metal Thunderbirds - TB5Thunderbird 5 – Space monitor

Thunderbird 5 is the eyes and ears of International Rescue. This highly advanced space station can pick up a distress signal from any point on Earth and is manned by John and Alan Tracy in one month rotations of duty. If you’re in trouble, Thunderbird 5 is guaranteed to hear your call!

Mini Metal Thunderbirds - FAB 1FAB 1 – Elegant, sleek and dangerous

The personal mode of transport for Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, this six-wheeled Rolls Royce has more than a few hidden tricks that will stop criminals in their tracks. With Penelope on board and Parker behind the wheel, FAB 1 is a force to be reckoned with and a vital part of International Rescue’s British operations division.

International Rescue are relying on you not to let these Tomica mini metal models fall into enemy hands, so proceed immediately to the Gerry Anderson Store and collect them now!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.


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