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New Haynes Thunderbirds Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles are GO!

After the phenomenal success of the Haynes Thunderbird 2 technical manual, the company behind the book have released a Thunderbird 2 puzzle featuring the cutaway design, and will be releasing a Tracy Island puzzle later in the year.

Thunderbird 2 Jigsaw Puzzle

The Thunderbird 2 jigsaw puzzle combines illustrations of TB2 from the Haynes Manual along with detailed close-ups and facts, making it perfect for Thunderbirds enthusiasts and puzzlers of all ages.

Tracy Island Jigsaw Puzzle

The Tracy Island jigsaw puzzle, due for release in October 2015 combines an illustration of Tracy Villa from the Haynes Manual along with all sorts of facts and fine details about the island, and the villa’s inner workings.

Both Thunderbirds puzzles are available from the Official Gerry Anderson Store, along with a host of other amazing Thunderbirds Gifts and Collectibles – including special merchandise for Thunderbirds’ 50th anniversary!

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