Pod 5: Doctor Who’s Sophie Aldred (Ace), listener emails, more Joe 90, and a way to give back

Sophie Aldred Gerry Anderson Podcast
When evil threatens, International Rescue blast-off to sort things out. Somewhere in the Pacific the rescue organisation is always on the lookout for trouble. The founder and co-ordinator of the group is astronaut Jeff Tracy, whose sons serve as pilots of the groupís five super-secret craft - the Thunderbirds. As the Tracys work for the good of mankind they must try to stop the villainy of the Hood who is determined to undermine the organisation and learn the secrets of the Thunderbirds aircraft.

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Sophie Aldred is best known as Ace – companion of 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy in Doctor Who, but has also provided voices for TV shows like Bob the Builder, Bananas in Pyjamas and Tree Fu Tom.

Sophie shares her love of Gerry Anderson shows, but Thunderbirds in particular. How she insisted on being called Scott, how her university dissertation was all about Thunderbirds, and how her love of role-playing as International Rescue’s oldest hero brother may have had an influence on her playing the universe-saving Doctor’s companion.

Richard and Jamie also bring you some news, a viewer email, and general chat.

Chris Dale rounds of the episode with the latest Randomiser pick.

Links from the show:

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Sophie Aldred’s Facebook page

Sophie Aldred on Twitter

Sophie Aldred’s website

Jamie and Sophie at the Soundhouse just after recording Pod 5…

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