Podcast Interview with Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince from the Infinite Monkey Cage

In this week’s podcast, we’re honoured to have Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince from the Infinite Monkey Cage. They’ll talk about their love of Space:1999 and all things Gerry Anderson and science fiction.

Pod 111 includes FAB Facts (a gruesome one this week), Podsterons messages from all over the world, with Richard James opening a can of worms. We’ll also feature Gerry Anderson News including an exclusive preview of Big Finish’s Space 1999 Volume 1 audio episodes, some other thoughts and messages from Mister Richard James and our lovely listeners, and Chris Dale’s incredible Randomiser. Of course, let’s all look forward to Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince giving us a sort of Infinite Monkey Cage/Gerry Anderson Podcast crossover… (Part One).

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