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The Gerry Anderson Podcast: Pod 2

Thunderbirds 2004’s Sophia Myles (Part 1), Space: 1999 merch, Ed Bishop videos and more

News, FAQs, Sophia Myles Interview, the Randomiser and more

Love it or hate it (you hate it, right?) you’re going to love Sophia Myles’ candid answers to a whole bunch of questions about *that* Thunderbirds movie from 2004!

After a little discussion as to whether this should be Pod 1 or Pod 2 (it’s Pod 2), Richard and Jamie get underway with some news, FAQ’s answered and general chat before moving into our first interview with 2004 Thunderbirds film’s Lady Penelope – Sophia Myles. Sophia talks candidly about her involvement with the film, her views and reflections, as well as how she came to be involved with Doctor Who. After the interview we head into the Randomiser with Chris Dale… but what Gerry Anderson episode will it pick for him to watch and review?!

Follow Sophia Myles on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sophiamyles

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Hosted by Olivier nominee Richard James (Space Precinct, Terrahawks) and Gerry Anderson’s son Jamie Anderson, the Gerry Anderson Podcast is a weekly audio extravaganza featuring Gerry Anderson chat, news, interviews, reviews, competitions and more.

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