Pod 4: Lee Sullivan on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Lee Sullivan is one of the best-known British comic artists and is responsible for huge volumes of comic art for Doctor Who, Transformers, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and recently Rivers of London.

Lee shares his earliest memories of Gerry Anderson viewing, how he got started in comics, talks about his comic heroes and gets through a few beers in this interview. Lee focuses particularly on Supercar and Fireball XL5 and how they fired his imagination – and still do!

Richard and Jamie also bring you some news, a viewer email, general chat, and some spilling of coffee.

Chris Dale rounds of the episode with the latest Randomiser pick, which takes him to Marineville for some help with operating the overly complex machine. But which episode will he get?!

Links from the show:

The Gerry Anderson Store

Lee Sullivan’s website

Gerry Anderson podcast pod 4 Lee Sullivan
Lee Sullivan and Jamie Anderson enjoy a couple of cocktails after recording the interview
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