Thunderbirds Are Go

International Rescue are called in to supervise security arrangements for the launch of the Zero X manned mission to Mars. Thunderbirds are go!

Century 21 Cinema/United Artists – 1966
89 mins

Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson
Producer: Sylvia Anderson
Associate Producer: John Read
Director: David Lane
Lighting Cameraman: Paddy Seale
Supervising Art Director: Bob Bell
Art Director: Grenville Nott
Supervising Visual Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Visual Effects Directors: Shaun Whittacker-Cook & Peter Wragg
Music Composed, Arranged and Directed by Barry Gray
Additional Music by The Shadows
Voice Cast:
Peter Dyneley, David Graham, Bob Monkhouse,
Shane Rimmer, Ray Barrett, Neil McCallum,
Sylvia Anderson, Christine Finn, Charles Tingwell,
Jeremy Wilkin,Paul Maxwell,
Matt Zimmerman, Alexander Davion

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