Prototype Dinky Investigator Car for Sale! have reported that Vectis will be auctioning several items that are sure to appeal to Gerry Anderson fans. The lots include a boxed Dinky SHADO Mobile and other rare vintage models. The rarest of all is a prototype version of the Dinky Investigator Car from Gerry Anderson’s pilot episode ‘The Investigator’.

Vectis was established in 1988 by Roger and Jill Mazillius on the Isle of Wight. From the humble beginnings of a shop front and back room, Vectis now occupy an auction site of 30,000 square feet and a staff of 34.

Like all auction houses the worldwide web has significantly changed how Vectis run their auctions. Ten years ago there would be one auction per month consisting of around 400 lots, where the room would be full of collectors and dealers. Nowadays, they hold five auctions per month – with approximately 700 lots each day.

Their latest Specialist and General Toy Sale, taking place this week (18th January) includes items such as one lot of unboxed TV and film related Corgi and Dinky vehicles, a really nice looking boxed SHADO Mobile from the Gerry Anderson series UFO, an unboxed Corgi Batmobile and more – and a mixed lot of Summer Specials,

Of special note, nestling among the amazing lots are such as items as a rare prototype of the “Gerry Anderson” Armoured Command Car, made in 1975 which was related to the proposed TV Series The Investigator. This plastic bodied issue is finished in yellow, black including speed wheels and comes with a Near Mint standard issue box.

Investigator Car

While Dinky enthusiasts may come across the production version of the Investigator Car model on auction sites and the occasional car bot sale, this one is rather special. As John Freeman says in his full article, it’s likely to sell for more than its guide price, so be prepared to pay for this unusual Anderson treasure!

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