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Reviews Are In! Space 1999 Reimagining is a Breakaway Success!

Space 1999 reimagining audio drama reviews

The Space 1999 reimagining from Big Finish Productions has been out for just over a week and we think it’s fair to say it’s been received incredibly well by fans (both old and new) from across the globe.

Selected Reviews

The new Space: 1999 is like Line of Duty on the moon

Radio Times

Big Finish have lovingly recreated the original pilot and even the original TV credit sequence with the new cast.

Bleeding Cool

Briggs’ adaptation is brought vividly to life by a marvelous cast. Thank you Big Finish for getting me hooked on another Gerry Anderson narrative.

Sci-Fi Pulse

On the evidence of this debut outing, this audio series looks set to retain the epic scope and tone of the TV original.

Sci-Fi Bulletin

So now is the time to grab yourself a copy of the CD box set today!

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